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C-DIT 400 Remote Control is a heavy duty 400L C-Dax Spreader. Gail control of all your spreading with C-DIT. featuring eight preset application rates to choose from so you can dial in your flow rate and get spreading. Other features include easy open/close toggle switch and an actuator status indicator.


  •  Get maximum spreading accuracy without speed inconsistencies and driver errors affecting application rates
  • Smart control rate automation. The most efficient way to spread. Set your rate and focus solely on driving.
  • Future-proof your framing operation by ensuring your applications are fully traceable.
  • Super strong frame for maximum strength.
  • 400 litre low sided hopper makes loading easier.
  • Wide wheel base for increased safety.
  • Unique hopper design minimises fertiliser compaction for consistently easy spreading.
  • Unique stainless steel spinner disk. Operating speed range
  • Compatible with C-Dax In-cab Remote Control.





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