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Spray and Spread

Need farming equipment to help you spray or spread over your land? Poland Motors stock the leading range of quality sprayers and spreaders designed to make your chemical application accurate, even and easy.
Chemical application materials need to be reliable, measurable and able to tackle each farmer’s specific needs. Our equipment is specialised for different agricultural tasks, certain to achieve our customers’ expectations from their tools.
Farmers face a lot of challenges every day. The equipment they work with does not need to be one of them. Our farming supplies are trusted by our customers to effectively apply products on grass or crops. Whether you’re working on a small scale or large hundred-acre fields, we are sure we have the materials you need.

ATV Sprayers

Here at Poland Motors, we love our quad bikes. We also love their ability to assist with a huge range of jobs around a farm. We supply a selection of sprayers compatible with most utility vehicles.
Sprayers can be attached to the vehicle and used while driving around the area. This makes the task so much faster and enables you to spray almost anywhere due to the mobility of the vehicles.

Commercial Sprayers

For large fields we supply a variety of large sprayers perfect for covering expansive ground. These boom-sprayers are able to be attached to tractors or large vehicles. They provide farmers with the ability to cover big spaces easily and efficiently.

Our Spreaders

We stock a range of C-Dax spreaders that allow accurate spreading, with stability and control. These products are innovative and made specifically for New Zealand farms.
With the purchase of this equipment, you know you are taking a huge leap towards efficiency. C-Dax is trusted nationwide for their production of spreaders Kiwi farmers trust.
Certain spreaders are able to be towed by vehicles, this allows for quick coverage of ground. A C-Dax spreader is essential for farmers looking to make fertilising and other chemical application simpler.

The Best Suppliers of Sprayers and Spreaders

We know our customers and we know the land. Here at Poland Motors, we have been supplying Northland farmers with quality farm tools for decades. Our products are trusted in agriculture to do the job they are supposed to.

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Contact our expert term today if you have any questions regarding the products we have available for purchase. Our friendly team is happy to help with any questions you may have about our products.

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