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Swamp Witch 27x10x12


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Deestone D932 Swamp Witch


  • Mud terrain tire
  • Self-cleaning tread
  • Enhanced durability


The Deestone D932 Swamp Witch is a mud terrain, all season tire manufactured for ATVs and UTVs.

The tire promotes excellent mud terrain performance. The tread pattern features a high void ratio and a directional lug placement to improve the soft and loose terrain gripping capability. These tread elements upgrade the model’s off-road performance and ensure its forward motion in deep mud and loose dirt, on terrains where the tire’s high flotation is required. The better traction improves the model’s great off-road performance as the tread elements guarantee the tire’s traction on such terrain surfaces.

The tread pattern design keeps the footprint clean at all times. The high void ratio and the lug placement enhance the mud and snow eliminating capability as they prevent them from getting stuck between the tread elements. This ensures the tire’s constant terrain surface contact. The tread’s self-cleaning nature also actively prevents stone retention from drilling rocks into the casing. It avoids stone retention from harming the tire’s casing by not allowing rocks to get stuck in the tire’s footprint.

The D932 Swamp Witch provides great durability. The strengthened construction boosts the load and driving endurance. The reinforced internal structure maintains the optimal tire shape under the load and driving pressure affecting the model. The ideal tire shape enables the tire to keep the ideal tire shape under the pressure, which enables the tire to carry and withstand heavy loads with ease. As a result, the tire ensures a safer performing capability.

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