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61″ Triple Blade
26hp V-Twin Kohler

Why You Should Buy a Spartan Mower

Driving a Spartan Mower is unlike any other lawn mower on the market. Created for the very best experience and superior results, this mower is favoured around the world by those serious about fantastic looking grass.

With American-made quality, Spartan Mowers boast a premium range of features that have helped establish their position as the leading mowers on the market. First-rate functionality and impeccable design come together in each and every model Spartan Mowers puts out. Here are the top reasons why Spartan Mowers are chosen by landowners across the globe:


As American as apple pie and baseball, Spartan Mowers are made in the USA using local materials and engineering. Renowned all over for being built to last, you know that when you purchase a Spartan Mower, you are getting durability and longevity in your machine of choice.

Powerful Performance

There’s nothing worse than a mower incapable of navigating the uneven terrain that’s characteristic of almost every New Zealand lifestyle block and farm. Spartan Mowers have the capacity to handle hills and level-land effortlessly. With built-in foot assist easy-lift decks, turn-dial deck height adjustment and GT Trac, these machines power through even the most difficult yards and fields.

Prioritised Driver Experience

It can’t always be said that the time spent on a mower is enjoyed with comfort, that is of course unless you’re riding a Spartan. Spartan Mower’s driver considerations go much further than the simple seat focus many major brands restrict themselves to. Taking the important steps to afford an unparalleled smoothness, these mowers have earned their industry pedestal.


As a higher-end commercial mower, the Spartan Mower range consists of some of the best value for money machines on the market. With impressive features, the latest functionalities available and a born-to-last mantra, they have set the standard for lawn mowers across the world.



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