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Rover 547/36


The 547-36 Auto Drive features a powerful 547cc OHV engine and a 91cm (36?) side discharge deck.
With its foot-operated automatic CVT transmission, driving this mower is as easy as driving your car. With convenient foot pedals for forward, reverse, and brake.

The 547-36 Auto Drive is ideal for mowing large blocks. It can be fitted with an optional mulch plug or catcher for extra versatility or a bumper bar if required.

• 36? Cutting Deck
• Automatic Transmission
• Cup Holder
• 2 Year Warranty


Introducing the Rover Rancher Autodrive, expertly designed for large residential blocks up to small acreage, delivering strength, versatility, and unbeatable value for money.

Comfort-First Design:
Equipped with an adjustable mid-back seat, Automatic transmission, cup holder, and straightforward robust controls, the Rover Rancher ensures a delightful mowing experience. Whether tending to small or large areas, you’ll relish the joy of mowing the lawn, wondering how you ever managed without it!

Unbeatable Value:
The Rover Rancher Autodrive boasts essential comfort features, along with a spacious 38-inch cutting deck, a powerful 547cc Rover engine, and an unparalleled 5-year Rover warranty. It provides exceptional value for its price, ticking all the right boxes without breaking the bank.

Versatility at Your Disposal:
Standard with a handy tow hitch, the Rancher can effortlessly transform into a multi-purpose workhorse by hooking on a garden trailer. Further enhance its versatility with an optional grass catcher or mulch plug.

Safety Assured:
Confident handling and excellent all-around visibility ensure safety during operation. The Operator Presence Control, a standard feature on all Rover ride-ons, prevents the machine from running unattended, adding an extra layer of safety.

Built to Endure:
Backed by a 2-year warranty, the Rover Rancher guarantees year after year of unwavering durability.

For enduring build quality and a more effortless lawn mowing experience, Rover remains unbeatable!

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